First fully regulated Luxembourg-based Fund, USA Property I is a direct Real Estate Investment Instrument. The strategy is to acquire and enhance a diversified portfolio of residential and commercial properties (primarily entire buildings and holdings in real estate companies) in the metropolitan areas of New York, Miami, San Francisco and Los Angeles. The Fund focuses on the US real estate market by “cherry picking” properties that are deemed undervalued, offering yield improvement opportunities, as well as significant capital appreciation potential. Investments are locally monitored via our dedicated and controlled company Optimum Asset Management USA, LLC, based in Miami and with offices in New York and Orange County. The subscription period closed in November 2014, with EUR 140.7 mln of equity raised. The Fund has invested in 11 assets in the residential and commercial (hotel, office, retail) markets. The Reporting NAV as of 31 December 2015 is equal to 108.60% for the share class EUR Hedged and to 118.40% for the share class EUR Non-Hedged. The Total Return NAV (NAV + Coupon accrued/paid) is 120.28% for the EUR Hedged share class and 130.08% for the EUR Non-Hedged share class.