This is our third fully regulated Luxembourg-based Fund focused on residential and commercial properties in Germany, with a focus on Berlin, Potsdam and Dresden. In line with Optimum Evolution Fund SIF - Property I and Property II, the objective of the Fund is to provide medium to long term capital appreciation as well as some distributions during the life of the investment. The subscription period closed in July 2016, with EUR 173.0 mln of equity raised. As of June 2016, the acquired portfolio is made up of 920 units with a total value of EUR 202.2 mln (CBRE valuation as of 30.06.2016) and a current rental yield of 5.4%. The Reporting NAV as of 30 June 2016 is 110.91% with a Total Return NAV (NAV + Coupon accrued/paid) of 120.19%. Furthermore, in August 2016 the Fund acquired a mixed-use portfolio of 18 properties located in Berlin, which will be valued starting from Q1 2017.

Total Return NAV